DNS needs fucking TCP.

Yes, really. RFC 7766, ยง1:

1. Introduction

   Most DNS [RFC1034] transactions take place over UDP [RFC768].  TCP
   [RFC793] is always used for full zone transfers (using AXFR) and is
   often used for messages whose sizes exceed the DNS protocol's
   original 512-byte limit.  The growing deployment of DNS Security
   (DNSSEC) and IPv6 has increased response sizes and therefore the use
   of TCP.  The need for increased TCP use has also been driven by the
   protection it provides against address spoofing and therefore
   exploitation of DNS in reflection/amplification attacks.  It is now
   widely used in Response Rate Limiting [RRL1] [RRL2].  Additionally,
   recent work on DNS privacy solutions such as [DNS-over-TLS] is
   another motivation to revisit DNS-over-TCP requirements.

   Section of [RFC1123] states:

      DNS resolvers and recursive servers MUST support UDP, and SHOULD
      support TCP, for sending (non-zone-transfer) queries.

   However, some implementors have taken the text quoted above to mean
   that TCP support is an optional feature of the DNS protocol.

   The majority of DNS server operators already support TCP, and the
   default configuration for most software implementations is to support
   TCP.  The primary audience for this document is those implementors
   whose limited support for TCP restricts interoperability and hinders
   deployment of new DNS features.

   This document therefore updates the core DNS protocol specifications
   such that support for TCP is henceforth a REQUIRED part of a full DNS
   protocol implementation.

   There are several advantages and disadvantages to the increased use
   of TCP (see Appendix A) as well as implementation details that need
   to be considered.  This document addresses these issues and presents
   TCP as a valid transport alternative for DNS.  It extends the content
   of [RFC5966], with additional considerations and lessons learned from
   research, developments, and implementation of TCP in DNS and in other
   Internet protocols.

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